This report notes all active listings and SFR sales in the last 7 days as of June 12, 2022. Please note that Texas law and MLS regulations prevent distribution of some data (including sales price) that is not deemed public. Data not updated in the MLS in a timely manner may not be included.

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Closed Listings In The Last 7 Days (Single Family)

AddressNeighborhoodListed Sq/FtBedsBathsListed AcresList PriceSales Price
7800 Oak Country LaneABST 1101 TR 36 S S CARPENTER4,962549.91$1,100,000Not Public
3010 Saint Francis DriveAntigua IV Add2,478330.21$483,000Not Public
1314 Concho TrailFox Glen Village1,491320.147$319,000Not Public
1003 Kay Lynn StreetHillcrest Add1,453320.181$160,000Not Public
506 S Waxahachie StreetHillcrest West Add1,250320.187$200,000Not Public
3808 Travis BoulevardHolland Estates Add2,261420.173$415,000Not Public
1901 Graham WayMill Vly2,546430.15$535,000Not Public
1110 Shady Oak TrailNelmwood Estates2,368330.244$405,000Not Public
1014 Shady Oak TrailNelmwood Estates2,332330.254$399,000Not Public
907 Royal CourtQueens Gate4,065550.276$750,000Not Public
1813 Clear Summit LaneRidge Trace Mansfield2,773430.276$479,000Not Public
3313 Scenic Glen DriveRustic Meadow Add1,519320.288$335,000Not Public
1120 Silver Oak DriveSilver Oak2,021420.2$436,265Not Public
1104 Hikey LaneSilver Oak2,404430.194$489,115Not Public
2414 Rawlins LaneSomerset Add2,217420.186$480,000Not Public
1302 Tanglewood DriveTanglewood Add2,941430.215$475,000Not Public
1302 Delaware DriveTwin Creeks Add3,571540.298$639,900Not Public
8 Roosevelt CourtVillages At Spring Lake The2,773530.186$469,000Not Public
9 Addison CourtVillages At Spring Lake The2,817430.186$485,000Not Public
1311 Honeysuckle DriveVinewood1,536320.2$189,900Not Public
1716 Wren DriveWalnut Creek Connection Add1,410320.173$315,000Not Public
2002 Walnut Hills LaneWalnut Hills Add2,715430.189$429,900Not Public
3203 Winding Ridge CircleWillowstone Estates3,221530.199$479,000Not Public
2351 Highway 287 NWoodlands Add9.94$1,433,000Not Public

Pending Sales

AddressNeighborhoodListed Sq/FtBedsBathListed AcresList Price
700 Saint Matthew DriveAntigua III Add2,845430.367$450,000
1001 Saint Gregory DriveAntigua III Add4,383440.417$575,000
1206 Brook Arbor DriveArbors Of Creekwood Add2,205320.224$396,900
1115 Brook Arbor DriveArbors Of Creekwood Add2,158420.19$430,000
21 Brook Arbor CourtArbors Of Creekwood Add2,573430.337$469,000
1410 Judy LaneBankston Meadows3,319440.193$495,000
1405 Chateau LaneBelle Meade Add2,630530.16$412,000
1111 Cardinal Oaks DriveCardinal Oaks1,309320.111$265,000
1905 Bertram DriveCountry Meadows Add1,596420.138$315,000
1713 Abaco DriveCountry Meadows Add1,803320.15$320,000
1804 Saint Nevis DriveCountry Meadows Add1,623320.138$339,900
1002 Gentle Knoll TrailDove Chase2,253430.18$519,627
1003 Gentle Knoll TrailDove Chase2,519330.19$548,658
1600 Nighthawk LaneDove Chase2,778330.19$574,990
1001 Gentle Knoll TrailDove Chase2,759430.23$579,288
1201 Dove Ridge DriveDove Chase3,269540.25$588,639
4 Rochelle CourtDover Heights Add1,851420.261$365,000
612 Dorchester LaneDover Heights Add2,470440.192$450,000
308 Forestridge DriveDover Heights Add3,765640.176$589,000
1702 Farmington DriveFarmington Estates1,971420.179$350,000
1217 Putnam StreetForest Brook2,959540.286$549,990
1317 Fox Glen TrailFox Glen Village2,060320.145$375,000
1404 Concho TrailFox Glen Village2,340430.147$410,000
4209 Poppy DriveGarden Heights2,286420.179$409,000
249 Billingslea DriveHamman Terrace Add1,751420.272$442,000
2404 Bowman AvenueHeritage Estates Add1,724420.186$344,900
2515 Elliott AvenueHeritage Estates Add1,648320.172$350,000
2008 Nugent DriveHeritage Estates Add1,923430.195$355,000
1927 Perry DriveHeritage Estates Add2,091320.171$385,000
2211 Field LaneHeritage Estates Add2,718530.165$398,000
7 Macan CourtHeritage Estates Add2,342420.225$400,000
2500 Bowman AvenueHeritage Estates Add2,405420.173$400,000
2204 Hodges PlaceHeritage Estates Add2,331320.196$415,000
2315 Richmond CircleHeritage Estates Add2,467430.293$465,000
219 N Wisteria StreetHillcrest Add1,420320.221$245,000
617 Live Oak DriveHillcrest Add2,115430.164$460,000
16 Atlanta CourtHillcrest West Add1,304320.16$293,000
708 Fannin LaneHolland Estates Add2,010420.188$385,000
711 Bayshore DriveHolland Meadows Add1,661320.181$350,000
714 Glenview DriveHolland Meadows Add1,964420.19$350,000
4606 Valleyview DriveHolland Meadows Add1,958320.19$389,000
4802 Ashbury LaneHolland Meadows Add1,837320.182$404,900
3203 High Ridge CourtLakes Of Creekwood Add3,364440.243$585,000
4104 Orchid LaneLowes Farm Add1,922320.194$387,900
1508 Lowes Farm ParkwayLowes Farm Add2,977440.186$489,900
502 Antler DriveM3 Ranch2,671430.165$551,958
1208 Manor Creek WayM3 Ranch2,671440.2$565,432
1111 Briar Oak LaneM3 Ranch: 50ft. lots2,305430.138$596,013
1712 Cypress Gap TrailM3 Ranch: 50ft. lots2,305330.15$596,626
1411 Misty Pasture WayM3 Ranch: 50ft. lots2,741430.143$606,796
102 Eddie CourtManchester Heights2,275320.227$449,900
206 Crenshaw DriveMansfield Natl Sec A & B3,737540.207$624,900
1706 Furrow LaneMill Valley2,777440.18$539,990
1703 Furrow LaneMill Valley2,772330.179$549,990
1804 Mabry CourtMill Vly2,917430.15$475,000
1104 Shady Oak TrailNelmwood Estates2,330320.24$425,000
1119 Shady Oak TrailNelmwood Estates2,556440.372$425,000
802 Xavier DriveOaks The Mansfield2,250320.23$399,000
708 Biscayne DriveParks At Walnut Creek Add2,014320.172$385,000
1210 Blanco TrailRiverwalk1,886320.32$467,118
1203 Blanco TrailRiverwalk2,171320.206$490,599
1206 Blanco TrailRiverwalk2,490430.197$504,401
801 Comal DriveRiverwalk2,879430.233$564,475
1205 Blanco TrailRiverwalk3,285430.217$566,116
806 Comal DriveRiverwalk3,567530.174$566,752
809 Comal DriveRiverwalk3,027430.181$568,858
1007 Colbus Lynn CourtSilver Oak1,883420.174$437,177
1003 Colbus Lynn CourtSilver Oak2,021420.179$452,011
711 Audrey LaneSilver Oak2,055420.179$460,181
808 Virginia DriveSilver Oak2,264420.206$466,681
704 Audrey LaneSilver Oak2,404430.194$469,640
1004 Colbus Lynn CourtSilver Oak2,270420.233$481,809
714 Audrey LaneSilver Oak2,701430.194$506,070
1008 Virginia DriveSilver Oak2,494430.21$506,380
1114 Silver Oak DriveSilver Oak2,494430.194$507,826
709 Audrey LaneSilver Oak2,592430.209$512,497
1013 Virginia DriveSilver Oak3,306530.194$597,475
1100 Silver Oak DriveSilver Oak3,239430.193$605,615
2605 Thornhill LaneSomerset3,025440.24$598,532
2608 Wallingford DriveSomerset Add Ph 11,940420.191$425,000
3208 Paxon DriveSomerset Add Ph 12,454430.179$450,000
1811 Birch StreetSouth Pointe2,260430.13$541,900
5118 Crestwater DriveSpring Lake Estates2,227420.293$449,000
1129 Wedgewood DriveTanglewood Add3,083430.19$485,000
916 Cumberland TrailTwin Creeks Add3,426430.278$575,000
1081 Delaware DriveTwin Creeks Add2,975440.31$600,000
4403 Westcliffe DriveVillages At Spring Lake The1,601320.15$370,000
809 Acadia StreetVillages of Park Hill2,104320.152$430,000
1207 Maple Terrace DriveVistawood2,251430.161$420,000
6 Chapel Hill CourtWalnut Creek Connection Add1,708320.329$335,000
1015 Westminster LaneWalnut Creek Valley Add1,654420.175$325,000
1107 Hilton DriveWalnut Creek Valley Add1,688320.137$329,000
1219 Brookfield LaneWalnut Creek Valley Add1,958420.221$350,000
712 Kensington LaneWalnut Creek Valley Add1,824320.17$350,000
1315 Spyglass DriveWalnut Creek Valley Add2,254330.224$399,900
1329 Clover Hill RoadWalnut Creek Valley Add2,286330.288$400,000
1018 Westminster LaneWalnut Creek Valley Addition1,863320.191$329,000
1416 Wheeler DriveWalnut Estates2,642430.266$499,000
3164 Kingswood CourtWillowstone Estates2,057420.182$325,000
305 Rock Meadow TrailWillowstone Estates2,771430.172$400,000