Step 1

Schedule Your Listing Consultation

Once you've made the decision to sell, your first step will be to schedule your listing consultation and market evaluation.

This is often the hardest step because many owners are unsure of what to expect and they would prefer to talk to the right agent the first time rather than multiple agents.

Whether you talk to multiple agents or not, you can trust that our opinion of how to sell your house comes from Eric's lifelong experience and commitment to helping you sell for as much money as possible in the time frame you want to sell within.

Step 2

Market Evaluation

Once you've scheduled your listing consultation, we're going to conduct a market evaluation. Agents will generally do this in one of two ways.

Other Agent's: - The agent schedules a listing appointment. When they arrive, they have never seen your house before, and they try to give you a price and try to list your house on the spot without having done a thorough evaluation.

Agents who do this simply want to secure your listing as fast as possible and if they recommend price that's too high, they'll ask you to lower it later. This increases your time on market, and in some markets, could prevent your house from selling altogether. It also means you'll probably sell your house for less than you thought you would.

Our Method - We use a two-step evaluation and consultation process. The process we follow is the same process Eric learned when evaluating homes for big institutions like Fannie Mae after the 2008 crash. In order to sell those foreclosures, his pricing recommendations had to be accurate, and he was held accountable to prices from appraisers and the final sales price. Turns out he is pretty good at it.

What this means for you is that we have high confidence in what the house should sell for and our confidence allows us to be as aggressive as possible with the price in whatever market conditions we're in.

Here's how it works:

1. First, we'll preview your house and put eyes on your property and it's current condition. This will allow us to accurately compare your home to everything else on the market that our buyers will likely see without guessing.

2. We'll complete a comprehensive broker price opinion and we'll determine the best marketing strategy for your specific home.

We use the same valuation method used by appraisers and since most buyers will purchase with a loan, this method helps us determine
how much mortgage a lender might allow. This will serve as a baseline for a likely sales price, and help us decide how aggressive we can be with our pricing given the market trends and the types of buyers we encounter.

Step 3

The Listing Consultation

Once we've completed our evaluation and determined the best marketing strategy, we'll have our consultation.

We prefer to do these consultations at your house so we can talk about the specifics of the property if needed, but we can also do them by Zoom.

All we ask is that all parties that will be required to sign the sales contract be present for the consultation so that we can address questions and concerns of all parties at the same time.

In this meeting, we'll discuss the property, market conditions, our marketing strategy, our pricing recommendation, brokerage fees, showing the house, etc., and we'll discuss any part of the sales process you have.

‍At the end of the consultation, we'll decide when your listing should start,

Step 4

Photography & Preparing Your Home For Sale

Once we've decided on a start date for your listing, we'll prepare to market the home.

Photography is particularly important and needs to be done before your listing goes live.
When your listing first goes live, buyers will be notified that a house that matches their criteria has come on the market. If you have no pictures, or the pictures are poor, then you lose one of the strongest marketing moments of the selling process.

Also, because of the way digital marketing works, you only have a moment to catch a potential buyer's attention before they swipe past your listing and never see it again.

So it's important to get the photography right.

At your listing consultation, we will discuss whatever is needed to prepare the house for pictures and for listing in general, and we'll coordinate with our professional photographer to come to the home for pictures at the appropriate time.

Generally, getting the house ready for pictures also means that everything else to prepare the house for sale will have been done as well. Pictures are usually the last step.

In some cases, repairs or staging may be needed, but those scenarios will be addressed on a case-by-case basis.

Once the marketing preparation and pictures are done, it's time to go on the market!

Step 5

Listing & Marketing

Coming Soon Marketing

While the house is being prepared for sale, we may opt to market the house as a "coming soon" listing. We'll consider this on a case-by-case basis.

During this time, the house will not be available to show, and there are restrictions from the Multiple Listing Service that determine what we can and cannot do, but in some cases, it will allow potential buyers to make offers immediately upon activating the listing, create competitive bidding or multiple offers, and in allow us some marketing exposure while we get the house ready for sale.

There is a 30 day time limit on Coming Soon status in the MLS.

Active Listing

Once the listing is active, the real fun begins.

During this time, agents and buyers will be able to access the property listing online through all major website portals, and we'll be allowed to aggressively market the property directly to our in-house buyer's list and our other marketing channels.

Basically, we'll be doing everything we can to find you a buyer during this period.

Step 6

Accommodating Showings

While the listing is active, the house will need to be available to show during reasonable hours.

As you can imagine, most buyers will want to see the house before they make an offer, so it's important make the house available to be seen on relatively short notice. We'll talk more about this during our consultation so you know exactly what to expect as it changes with market conditions.

Accommodating showings is easy. When a buyer's agent requests a showing through our automated showing service, you will receive a text asking you to approve or deny the showings.

You will be notified immediately after the request with the day and time of the showing and you an approve it by text as well. You will not need to take calls from agents.