2020 City of Mansfield Parks and Recreation Master Plan PDF Cover

This City of Mansfield Parks and Recreation 2020 Master Plan document was created before I moved to Mansfield, but I was glad to find it today as it provided some insight into the park plans for the city. As a real estate agent and father, this is interesting information to me as it helps understand the focus of the city as it grows.

I’ve been fairly impressed with the parks I’ve visited so far so I assumed the city had a decent plan in place, and I consider this a little gem of a document to help better understand what’s happening with the parks and rec in the city. Fun read if you’re interested.

There’s some good data in here about the city growth, population expansion and other concerns they are taking into account.

You can view the PDF below in another tab by clicking the link or download the PDF directly. This document can also be found on the parks and rec website which is where I got it from.

If you have any thoughts about the vision for the Mansfield Parks and Rec Master Plan, I’d be curious to hear about them. Feel free to share thoughts in the comment section below.